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Heat Resistant Gloves

Safely tend to your fire or BBQ with these comfortable, elbow length protective gloves. The heavy knit of our Heat Resistant Gloves have been specifically designed for enhanced grip and maximum dexterity.

The outer layer - a woven blend of aramid fibres used in industry and other extreme environments - ensures heat resistance to temperatures of up to 250°C.

The soft knitted polycotton lining gives maximum comfort when stoking your fire, while the silicone spots provide added grip.

A new and improved design means that fingers and palms now have enhanced grip and control, with the addition of silicon rubber dots making tools and firewood easier to grasp.

The black elbow length gloves protect the hand, wrist and forearm and come in one size: medium/large (size 9).


Tested to EN407 and EN420 safety standards

Always inspect gloves before use

Replace if damaged

Suitable for dry heat sources only

Not suitable for protection against hot liquids or vapour


Outer weave: 100% aramid fibre

Rubber dots: 100% Silicone

Inner lining: 60% polyester/ 40% cotton

Cuff binding: 100% polyester

  • Elbow length gloves in a knitted blend of aramid fibres to protect wrists and forearms
  • Silicone spots provide added grip
  • Soft knitted polyester/cotton inner layer for comfort & snug fit
  • Heat resisting materials – uses the same technology as industry/racing driver/astronaut safety equipment
  • Extreme heat resistance to temperatures of 250°C
  • More comfortable than stiff leather gauntlets, mittens or oven gloves
  • Safer than flammable tea towel or cloth
  • Ideal for using with the stove, fireplace or BBQ

Total length: 430mm
Weight: 335g

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

GREAT GREAT GREAT.Best pair I have used.Money well spent.

Amazing Gloves

These gloves are well and truly amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! When you receive them, the first thing you will notice is their quality. Put them on and place your hands into your burner or even into raw flame, you will notice one thing more, they seriously protect you from injury and the heat - admittedly, I have felt confident enough to pick up burning wood and have suffered no injury and little discomfort; however, the longer you keep your hands in the 'fire' the hotter the gloves do get.

Mum is pleased

Excellent product my mother is very pleased with them.

How did I survive without these

This was one of those products you do not need until you get them and wonder how you ever survived without them. For a test (do not try this) I was able to hold the top of my stove without any burns, only feeling the gloves getting warm. My wife hated the cheap tacky and "green" oven glove that came with the stove and as there was only one had to leave the door open just to add a log. With this PAIR of gloves my wife has no complaints at all. Not only all that... because the gloves are elbow high she can now cook bacon and eggs where as before the spitting of the fat stopped her cooking them (no sexiest comment there my wife simply did not like the spitting). I have also used them while cooking a char grill meal on our BBQ. So what you get is not only a pair of great heat proof gloves for your log burning stove but a multi use heat proof gloves for all manner of cooking and burning. I expect they could also be used for welding but they are a bit nice to use for that. Worth every penny and you will ask why you never brought them years ago.

great quality

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, besides not burning they are strong. They are also very long, they fit well above the elbows. I needed handy gloves for barbecue. If you often burn yourself every time you make a barbecue, these are your Gloves, no doubt!

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