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Eco-Friendly Products

Why Sustainability Matters to Valiant

Eco-friendly products may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stoves, but there are many ways to ensure that your stove or fireplace is as kind to the world around you as possible, from choosing clean fuel to selecting the right accessories.

Since we design all Valiant products in-house, we take great care to ensure that they are engineered for maximum longevity and efficiency, giving you a cost saving and reducing waste. Our Heat Powered Stove Fans are especially economical, giving you more warmth from your stove and reducing fuel consumption without any batteries or mains power.

The same goes for our packaging. It’s all made from recyclable materials, and we’ll never over-package a product. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and is less hassle for you to dispose of.

At Valiant we believe that by carefully sourcing the right materials from the right suppliers, we can deliver quality products to our customers while also minimising our environmental impact and supporting local economies.

For example, did you know that the lining of our fireside baskets is actually recycled hessian from local coffee farms in Indonesia? Or that the rattan itself is also woven by skilled Indonesian weavers? The benefits for our customers here are two-fold, as the finished baskets are both sustainably made and of a high quality.

Our customers can also use innovative tools, such as our Moisture Meter and Stove Thermometer, to ensure that their firewood is fully seasoned. This generates more heat and also results in less pollution – perfect for the eco-conscious consumers of today.

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