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February 21, 2020 2 min read

The government have announced that from 2021, the burning of wet logs (freshly cut or with a moisture content above 20%) and traditional coal will be banned in England from 2021. With the help of an affordable device, the Moisture Meter, stove users can ensure they are burning only the best quality fuel.

The move, announced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, is designed to curb the emissions of harmful particles known as ‘PM2.5’. Burning wet wood produces far more of these particles than when using only dry logs.

Of the ban, Valiant Director Bob Sizeland said “It’s more important than ever to ensure woodburning stoves are being used responsibly and that consumers are aware of the benefits of burning only dry logs. We hope to continue working with organisations like HETAS to spread this message, and to ensure Valiant customers can really get the most out of their appliances and fuel with helpful tools like the Moisture Meter.”

How can a Moisture Meter help?

Using a moisture meter is a great way to check whether wood will give you a safe and efficient burn, or if it needs further seasoning. Knowing the moisture content of wood and using it only when ready not only reduces emissions, but can save money by thanks to a more efficient burn and increased heat output.

Valiant’s FIR421 Colour Change Moisture Meter (R.R.P. just £18.50) doesn’t just provide an accurate reading – the screen also features a simple traffic light system. The green light means logs are ready to burn!

Purchase the Valiant Moisture Meter today to ensure you're only burning dry wood and getting the most from your stove. Use code 'HELLO' for 15% off your first order, too!

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