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August 31, 2020 2 min read

We can’t believe we’re in September already, but here we are once more. The start of the stove season is never complete without an important week of awareness. Chimney Fire Safety Week, organised by HETAS, aims to share tips with both installers and users of appliances like wood-burning stoves and open fires.

Not only do we have a little knowledge on the subject we’d like to share with you, but we’ve also got a few handy Valiant products up our sleeves that can help you stay safe – and enjoy your stove!

Never Burn Damp Fuel

Use a moisture meter to ensure logs contain 20% moisture or less. Burning damp wood increases the amount of smoke, creosote and emissions that leave your flue or chimney – adding to potential fire hazards. Using dry wood makes the smoke much cleaner, and means you get less build-up of deposits in your flue pipe.

Watch the Heat

Use a stove thermometer to make sure your stove is running at a safe and stable temperature. Too cool and your appliance will produce more smoke than necessary, too hot and it could quickly become a hazard. Optimum temperatures also mean your stove will work more efficiently, reducing emissions and using less fuel.

Keep It Clean

Keep your stove or fireplace clear of ash to ensure a good clean (and safe) burn. Use the Valiant Ash Vacuum in between sweeps to minimise hazardous debris build-up. The Ash Vacuum even features a blow function to clear out grates and hard to reach corners.


Many hearth or chimney fires begin when logs are stored too close to a heat source or open flame. Keep logs, baskets, matches and firelighters well away from flames and stray embers. Use containers like our Match and Firelighter Tidies to prevent accidents.

Raise the Alarm

The most important devices in your home are carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Make sure yours are installed in the right locations and test them regularly.

Put It to Bed

A large number of chimney/flue fires start because the stove is left to slumber overnight. Always remember to put your fire out before bed to stay safe.

Get it Swept

Having your chimney swept regularly is the best way to ensure your home and family stay safe. Be sure to use an accredited sweep and to check how frequently your type of appliance needs doing.

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