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Now Stocking: Honeywell CO Alarms and Schott Glass Dry Wipers

June 19, 2019 1 min read

At Valiant we are always on the lookout for products that will enhance the enjoyment you get out of your stove or fireplace. While we take enormous pride in stocking products that we’ve designed, developed and produced ourselves, we are excited to bring you two new product lines from third party brands. The Honeywell XC70 Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Schott Robax® Dry Wiper are perfect for stove and fireplace users.

Honeywell XC70 Carbon Monoxide Alarm


We’re proud to offer these to our customers at a great price, along with our range of Valiant monitoring devices such as the Colour Change Moisture Meter and the Stove Thermometer, so help you use your appliance effectively.Honeywell invented the carbon monoxide alarm some years ago now, and have since become one of the most trusted names in monitoring devices. The XC70 CO Alarm comes with a sealed 7-year battery, ensuring your home and family are always protected against deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Purchase your Honeywell CO Alarm on our website now


Schott Robax® Dry Wiper

Over the past few years we have grown our cleaning range to include a variety of products designed to keep your stove spic and span. Our latest introduction comes from stove glass manufacturer Schott.

Use the Dry Wiper to buff even the most stubborn marks and deposits from your stove window. The specially designed sponge doesn’t leave scratches and removes the need for chemical cleaners. Use regularly to maintain crystal clear stove glass.

Purchase your Schott Robax® Dry Wiper on our website now

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