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New logo, new look!

May 31, 2018 1 min read

You may have noticed we have updated our look recently? Here at Valiant, we have made the next steps towards brand modernisation, we wanted a logo that represented our focus on homely fireside range. So we went away and created a design that did just that and we’re proud to announce our new logo will be launching on 1st June this year! Take a look!

 Valiant new logo in gold foil on a piece of paper.

We’ve opted to keep our iconic sword, but focused on simplifying the overall presentation of the logo. We’re also updating our packaging too, so keep your eyes open in shops for our new look. We wanted a fresher look for the company; packaging that stands out on the shelf and promotional material that really showcases the quality of our products. Having seen a great response from the changes we’ve made so far, the logo is the final step in our brands transformation, and I think you’ll agree - it looks great.


We’re launching our new packaging and logo at this year’s Hearth and Home event and invite all of our regular and prospective trade customers to come along to see our transformation. There will be a period where we are selling through some stock of the old packaging design and we will make you aware of this when you order.


We're looking forward to your feedback (comment below) and building on our reputation of providing a great service and great value products.

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