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October 09, 2019 2 min read

Do you want to improve your stove's energy efficiency, but don't know where to start? Our new Stove Essentials Kit will help you to get maximum warmth from your woodburning stove or multifuel appliance in just a few simple steps.

The Stove Essentials Kit retails at £49.99, a saving of £12.98 compared to buying the contents separately. The box contains Valiant’s 2 Blade Stove Fan, Stove Thermometer, and USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter - everything you need to get started!

It's a great purchase if you have a newly installed stove, or are someone who's looking to get more out of their long-serving appliance. It makes a great Christmas present, too!

About the Valiant 2 Blade Stove Fan
Suitable for most stoves, our Original 2 Blade fan is the market-leading design. Powered by heat from the stove, it helps circulate more warm air. The result is a warmer room with a more stable temperature, meaning less fuel needs to be burned to stay toasty.

About the Valiant Stove Thermometer
Burning fuel at a temperature that is too high or too low causes increased emissions and creosote build-up, and can damage the flue or stove. Our handy magnetic thermometer accurately tells you if your stove is burning at an optimum temperature, so you can make adjustments.

About the Valiant USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter
Say goodbye to matches and gas refills with our eco-friendly electronic lighter. Simply charge via USB and ignite up to 500 times per charge. With a flexible 360 head for hard to reach places - like the inside of a stove!

Stove season is now upon us, so what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now via our website and enjoy huge savings today.

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